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Quality, well maintained tires improves handling in rain and snow.

  • We sell tires, provide wheel mounting and tire mounting services

  • We can mount and balance specialty tires such as low profile and reverse mount up to 26" in diameter.

  • We can mount and balance slingshot tires and wheels.

  • We straighten bent rims and repair rim leaks

  • ABS and T.P.M.S. services available

Maintaining your vehicle's braking systems are essential to driving safely. 

  • Replace brake pads, caliphers, brake lines.

  • We machine rotors.

  • Clean, service, and lubricate braking systems.

  • Replace brake light bulbs and brake light houses or repair brake light circuits

  • We provide O.E.M. and premium grade replacement parts

We can help you restore your cars original new car ride and comfort..

  • Wheel Alignments

  • Replace suspension parts such as shocks, struts, ball joints, control arms, links, bushings, axles, hubs, wheel bearings, press-in wheel bearings, and swaybars.

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